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Jul 03, 2023

9 Best Headphones for Running of 2023

You are here: by Noah Kemp August 10, 2023, 3:15 pm Are there many more freeing feelings than running through the sweet summer air with your heart beating in time to your favorite music? I'm sure

You are here:

by Noah Kemp August 10, 2023, 3:15 pm

Are there many more freeing feelings than running through the sweet summer air with your heart beating in time to your favorite music? I'm sure there are, but it's still something that you should enjoy to the fullest while you can.

Headphones are one of the best inventions of recent decades (if you ask me), and these days, there are some fantastic models out there which can make your life easier, smoother, and more freeing.

That said, with so many headphones to choose from, it can be tricky to find the right type for your needs—in this case, running. There are a few considerations you should make to help you find the best pick for you, which I've explained in the second half of this article.

Overall, I think the Apple AirPods Pro with an EarHook Attachment is the best choice if you have the money. Alternatively, the JLab Go Air Sport is one of the strongest models on the affordable end of the spectrum.

Keep reading to find out some other excellent headphones for runners out there!

Getting a great pair of headphones for your running sessions can make a huge improvement. It can make your exercise more engaging and help to get you in the zone!

This list shows you a range of the best headphones for running, including earbuds, over-the-head headphones, and some other unique designs!


Starting off this list, we have a pair of budget Bluetooth headphones for running with. These are generally pretty basic in terms of sound quality and build quality but offer decent value for the price and have a bunch of handy features.

One sweet feature is the controls, which are pretty extensive and let you interact with your phone in all the ways you need to, including volume, skipping songs, and activating smart assistants.

They come with a range of ear tips so you can adjust them to fit snugly in your ear. While they don't have any active noise cancellation, a well-fitting pair of tips will block out a decent amount of background noise.

The battery life clocks in at around 16 hours of use, which is great for the price, and you get IPX7 waterproofing, meaning you can use them when running in heavy storms. They also include a built-in mic for use with calls and smart assistants.

Most importantly, these are a great design for running thanks to the over-ear hooks and wire connecting the pair. It would be hard to lose these while on a run!

Overall, these headphones offer decent functionality with limited audio quality at a very reasonable price.

Big Beats fan? Check our more of the best beats headphones.


This pair of wired headphones are designed for running and have a bunch of features that make them a good choice for sports enthusiasts.

One first thing to note is that these are wired—giving you the advantage of not needing to worry about charging them, although you will have to deal with them getting tangled and potentially getting wrapped around you when running.

They feature ear hooks to stay attached to your ears, and there are movable joints to make sure you can get them in a comfortable position.

It comes with multi-function controls, so you can easily pause and skip through your music. Thanks to the changeable earbuds, you can get them to fit in your ear, which offers decent noise cancellation. It isn't as powerful as active noise canceling, but still blocks out enough of your surroundings.

The audio quality is relatively balanced, although perhaps the high-end is more exaggerated than the lows, so these aren't a good pick for bass lovers.

If you're looking for an affordable pair of wired running headphones, these are one of the best options out there.


These true wireless earbuds from JLab are a great choice if you're looking for some small and handy running headphones. \The sleek design comes with a useful charging case that packs in a huge 24 hours of charging, meaning you can get around 32 hours of use in total after a single charge to the charging case.

Coming with IP55 proofing, these are both water-resistant and dust resistant, so you can comfortably use them in harsher environments.

Another neat feature is the ability to use them in an independent mode. This is handy if you want to share your headphones with a running partner without needing to listen to the same music.

The built-in controls are easy to use, and these also come with an internal mic for use with calls and Siri, etc.

Overall, these are a decent pair of running headphones on the smaller end of the spectrum. The audio quality is decent for the price, and they come with all the functions and features you need to run with.


If you're looking for some decent running headphones that come at an affordable price, the JBL Vibe Beam offers excellent value for money. They provide decent audio quality and long battery life.

They are pretty suitable for running, although they don't have the most secure ear hooks, so you might want to consider an accessory to hold them to your ears better.

Skullcandy is a long-standing name in the headphone industry, and their Push headphones are a great choice for runners.

These come with sturdy ear hooks, built-in controls, a microphone, and a long battery life. The audio quality is also decent for the price and competes with some more expensive headphones. Although, some people might find the sound a little bass heavy.

The battery life is super impressive with the battery case, offering around 44 hours of total playtime from a single charge to the case.

The Tile app can be a lifesaver and keeps track of where your phone was last connected to your headphones, so you can easily find them if you lose them. The Skull iQ app lets you adjust the audio balance, too, so it's nice to check these apps out!


These are a unique pair of headphones that use bone conduction technology. Bone conduction headphones are a modern style that has a range of benefits compared to traditional headphones.

One advantage of bone conduction headphones is that they are better for your ears and won't be as fatiguing to listen to.

Because they work by vibrating your bones rather than sending audio waves down your ear canal, they don't need to compete with background noise so much, meaning you won't have to boost the volume to an excessive level which can cause hearing damage.

These also come fitted with a microphone. They do look a little 'office' rather than sport, but they are suitable for running if you like the style.

All the other features are decent enough, and the sound quality is relatively high for the price range. If you fancy taking advantage of bone-conduction headphones for your running sessions, this is a great place to start.


Beats are a popular name in the headphone scene, and this pair live up to their expectation. Using an earbud design with some small clips, these are a high-quality pair of earbuds that are fantastic for running.

I will say that the hooks aren't as large as others, so you might want to be a bit careful if you run with high intensity.

The audio quality is incredibly high, and it has the option to work in spatial audio mode. These headphones can be further customized using the Beats app, letting you fine-tune their performance.

A notable feature is the three listening modes—adaptive EQ, transparency mode, and active noise cancellation. This lets you pick a mode that best suits your current needs.

Overall, these are a sweet pair of earbuds that are suitable for running. You might want to get an accessory to make the headphones a bit safer, but otherwise, the functions and features are perfect, and the quality is high.


Safety should be your priority if you are running in dangerous areas, particularly near traffic or cyclists. This style of open-ear headphones is very safe in this regard, as they let you maintain awareness of your surroundings at all times, letting you hear any local dangers.

The open-ear style is quite unique, and some people might be confused at first. Rather than going into your ear canal like earbuds, they simply sit on the outside of your ears. This design uses small hooks for each ear, so they look similar to earbuds but don't block your ear canal.

The audio quality of these is fantastic, and you can tell that they are well-designed immediately. Despite being open, these are still waterproof with an IPX5 rating, so you can happily use them in pretty heavy rain without needing to worry about damage.

The battery life is decent too, and you can expect around 8 hours of listening and 16 hours of charging from the case.

Overall, if you are looking for some stylish, high-quality, and safe running headphones, this pair is one of the best picks out there.


AirPods are a fantastic pair of headphones, which make a great accessory for any iOs user. While they are not particularly designed for running in their original state, you can find some excellent AirPod Ear Hooks Attachments ($9) that make them a great choice for sports.

The general features and functionality of AirPods are very high, and while they are expensive, they do offer a fantastic level of quality.

To start with, they have excellent active noise canceling. The transparency mode is super useful when running in dangerous environments, as you can quickly deactivate the noise canceling so you can hear the ambient sound of your surroundings.

This gives you the option to easily switch between safety and isolation. this is also some of the best noise isolation on this list.

The wireless charging case quickly charges the earbud batteries and can store an additional 24 hours of charge. The headphones themselves last for around 5 hours, so you can expect about 29 hours of listening time from a single full battery in the charging case.

In terms of audio quality, these are some of the best-sounding headphones on the list. They are incredibly well-engineered, and include a range of features that help to improve the quality.

For example, they have an adaptive EQ that tunes the performance to match the size of your ear canal—now that's smart! They can also work in a spatial audio mode, which enhances the immersion.

They are water and sweat resistant, so you can use them outside in the rain without worrying about damage. These headphones are on a level with some of the more expensive Bose sport earbuds.

Overall, I think this combination of AirPods with ear hooks is a strong choice. You'll get the most out of it if you use it with Apple devices like an iPhone, as this offers more functionality, although they're still good to use with Androids. The price might be too high for some of us to justify, but these are a serious investment.

When you're looking for running headphones, you're looking for something reliable. Something that you know is always ready for you to hit the open road and enjoy some listening. So, there are a lot of things you should consider to make sure you find something with the right things for your needs.

It's important to consider factors such as sound quality, comfort, durability, sweat resistance, battery life, and safety. Here's a comprehensive buyer's guide to help you find the perfect headphones for your running sessions:

Having the right controls on your headphones is a super valuable feature for running.

When you're running you don't want to have to keep taking your phone out to adjust the volume, pause, change the song, or otherwise fiddle with your listening experience.

While the best controls might add a bit of extra cost, they can also make your running experience a lot more seamless. As a bare minimum, I would suggest going for some headphones that have a volume control, although having extra things skipping and pausing is also nice.

You might also want some headphones that have a built-in microphone. This might not be a feature that everyone needs, but if you ever think you are prone to taking calls while on the go (or even chatting to Siri and other smart assistants) then a built-in mic is a nice feature.

You can find a fair amount of variance in the quality of a built-in mic, so if you need to use it a lot, then it's worth going for one with a better tone. Although this will set you back.

Sound quality is obviously another hugely influential factor when it comes to the listening experience. While there is a tradeoff between price and sound quality (with nicer sounding headphones costing more), some people are happy to go for a more affordable pair of headphones at the sacrifice of some sound quality.

There are a bunch of different specifications which can help you to understand the sound quality of a piar of headphones.

One of the first ones is frequency, which determines which areas of the audio spectrum can be created wby the headphones. The human hearing range extends from 20hz to 20khz, so having headphones that cover this range (and beyond) will result in huigher sound qualuity.

Another factor tho think about here is the balance between the audio spectrum. Some headphones feature boosts in certain areas of the spectrum, typically bass. this can be a good experience for some people, but if you prefer a more natural, sound, then going for speakers with a balanced frequency response without any boosting will be preferable.

Finally, the dynamic range of headphones is also something to consider, as this creates a more realistic listening experience.

When it comes to running, you should also consider the importance of noise cancellation. I would personally put your safety first.

Some headphones have controllable noise cancellation, meaning that you can selectively block out your environment. This can be nice when you want to get into the zone and block out the noises around you, although you should probably also want to make sure that you're not going to get run over by a car.

You can even find some headphones that automatically adjust to background noise, and can detect when there are loud situations around you which should help to give you more awareness for your safety.

If you're going for wireless headphones, you need to consider ow much battery life you need. Typically, the longest battery life is the best, however, this will tend to be more expensive.

If you go on long-running sessions, or you don't have much of an opportunity to recharge your batteries in between sessions, then its worth investing in a longer battery.

Usually, wireless earbuds come with a charging case that has an independent battery, which is the best choice if you plan on going traveling, or are away from home a lot.

Cabling is something else to consider. Most headphones these days are wireless, and I would suggest going for wireless headphones when running as this won't get in your way so much as having a wire, although you will have to deal with charging up your headphones.

You can also find some headphones that can work wirelessly, or with a wire, which can give you the best of both worlds.

The fit and comfort are also super important. If you spend a lot of time running, then you want some headphones that can be worn for the duration of your sessions without getting uncomfortable.

This comes down to a bit of personal preference, as some people prefer the ear hook designs, while others just want some traditional headphones that might have a cable that goes around the back of the head to make it less likely for you to lose them if they fall out your ear.

Finally, the water and dust resistance is another thing worth considering. ultimately this depends on the type of environment you plan on using them.

If you like running in the rain, then make sure you go for some headphones that have some waterproofing. If you live in a dustier environment then some dust-proofing is worth looking into.

Remember that technology evolves quickly, so it's a good idea to check for newer models and read up-to-date reviews before making a purchase. Always prioritize your safety and comfort when choosing headphones for running.

The best type of headphones for running are some type of wireless earbuds that come with ear hooks. This gives you the freeing convenience of wireless earbuds, with the additional attachment of ear hooks.

These types of hooks ensure that the headphones won't fall out of your ears when running around—meaning you can go full speed without worrying.

Bone Conduction headphones can also be a great choice, as these don't block your ear canal, meaning you can have full awareness of your surroundings when running outside—keeping you as safe as possible.

Generally wired headphones are not as good as wireless headphones for running, provided the wireless headphones have some kind of hook.

Wired headphones have the advantage of being easier to hold onto, and less likely to lose. If one falls out your ears while running, you won't have to search around for it as it will still be attached to your phone. However, wires can get in the way when running, and they can become a bit annoying and restrictive.

Wireless earbuds are more freeing, but make sure they have ear hooks so you can keep them safe and don't need to worry about losing them

For the most part, over-ear headphones will stay on while running pretty well. Thanks to the hook and pressure, this type of headphone offers a decent amount of stability for running around with.

However, you need to make sure they are adjusted and tightened properly. It's also worth considering that over-ear headphones will be hotter than in-ear headphones, and can make you sweatier—although this might not bother everybody.

With the above points considered, you should quickly be able to find the best running headphones for your needs.

Considering things like noise cancelation, battery life, sound quality, and the overall design are super important. Make sure you go for something that offers a comfortable, secure fit, and the best audio quality you can afford.

Overall, I think some of the best running earbuds are the Apple AirPods Pro with an EarHook Attachment. These offer the high quality and functionality of AirPods, with the secure fit of ear hooks.

If you're looking for something a bit more affordable, the JLab Go Air Sport is a great pick and has decent features and sound at a low price.

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