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Jul 22, 2023

PWRCard Reviews: Wallet

Was there a time this year where you wished you had a portable power bank? The sheer number of power outages that occurred this year alone is evidence that unexpected events might happen, making

Was there a time this year where you wished you had a portable power bank? The sheer number of power outages that occurred this year alone is evidence that unexpected events might happen, making chargers quite essential. What happens if you need to reach someone quickly but were unable to do so because of a lack of charge? The point is that power banks are quite practical and don’t take up much room in a person’s pocket or thoughts. Naturally, this leads to a crowded market for power banks. How can one choose the most appropriate one? This is where our team of experts enter the scene, as they scavenged every conceivable unit and integrated feature. The following review will cover everything there is to know on the PWRCard.

The PWRCard is a super-thin, ultra-modern power bank built for maximum convenience. Rather than lugging around a charger and having it become tangled at the bottom of one’s backpack, the designers went to great lengths to make the PWRCard as light as a handful of stacked credit cards. Simply said, this charger is designed to fit into any wallet or pocketbook. Our editorial team was skeptical at first because of the supposedly “smart” design, but the features swayed everyone. Which ones, exactly, are we talking about? That’s where this review will go next.

The PWRCard is incredibly light, as was briefly mentioned earlier, and hassle-free. In fact, it only weighs two ounces. This frees up extra space or weight in everyone’s pockets or bags. Then there is the compatibility of it. No one is left out because the PWRCard is specifically compatible with both Apple and Android mobile devices. Three charge cables for universal device charging are allegedly included with every purchase. People are merely asked to select the one that works with their respective devices.

For something so small, our editorial team was hesitant about battery life and its overall integrity, but the creators surprised us. It turns out that this power bank maintains a solid and durable structure while being able to hold a charge for up to several months. Another useful feature is the integrated LED indicator. This has been added to make it easier for users to see how much battery life is remaining and whether recharging is imminent.

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The PWRCard measures 3.79 inches by 2.41 inches by 0.33 inches.

The PWRCard is encased in ABS plastic, which is considered structurally strong, resistant to external impacts (i.e., heat, chemicals, and abrasion), and is completely lightweight. Did we mention that this material is also 100% recyclable?

The PWRCard houses a 2,500mAh battery. As mentioned above, this power bank can hold charge for several weeks (or even months), but this is only if the unit is not constantly in use.

Yes, the cable is attached within the PWRCard.

The PWRCard is compatible with most generations of the Apple iPhone, as well as most Samsung, HTC, Nokia, and LG Androids. For the list of compatible devices by version and brand, individuals may wish to contact customer support for the instruction manual.

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Yes, the use of ABS plastic makes the PWRCard durable enough for everyday use, no matter the demands.

The PWRCard is the ultimate emergency backup charger, according to its creators, as it doesn’t require carrying around charging cables or searching for a wall outlet.

On average, shipments made out to the continental United States are expected to arrive within the first five business days. As for international orders, the expected arrival time has not been estimated due to high uncertainty.

Thanks to the 60-day money-back guarantee, anyone living in the United States can ask for a full purchase price refund if the PWRCard falls short of their expectations. The support team has no issues approving requests as long as each item is returned within the specified window, and is in brand-new condition, in its original packaging. The best points of contact are either [email protected] or [email protected].

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The price of the PWRCard varies depending on how many units are ordered. Considering that most people own more than one purse, wallet, or mobile device needing charging, having extra units can be very helpful. Also important is the decrease in per-unit prices, as seen below:

Given the relevance of power banks, does the PWRCard make the cut? Based on the above review, we believe so. The PWRCard has been well thought out from durability to its battery and everything in between. The fact that this unit is as light as a stack of credit cards is convincing, seeing how it saves space and is extremely portable. The charger cable is attached in such a way that it is unlikely to get tangled; an issue most people face with standard chargers. It is compatible with most mobile devices, making it a perfect gift and/or emergency backup charger. And, when used as needed, it will last a fairly long time. What more could anyone ask for?

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