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Aug 18, 2023

Daytona Name To Be Exclusive To The All

Dodge is embarking on a bold and electrifying journey with its upcoming next-generation all-electric Dodge Charger (LB). This groundbreaking vehicle will combine all-electric and internal combustion

Dodge is embarking on a bold and electrifying journey with its upcoming next-generation all-electric Dodge Charger (LB). This groundbreaking vehicle will combine all-electric and internal combustion engine power, set to debut in dealer showrooms by mid-next year. Notably, the new battery-electric (BEV) Dodge Charger will proudly bear the iconic Daytona name across its lineup, a designation reserved solely for the all-electric models.

Driven by a passion for revolutionizing the BEV segment, Dodge aims to redefine American muscle in the electrified era, with the Dodge Charger Daytona leading the way. Drawing inspiration from the original Dodge Charger Daytona, famed for dominating NASCAR racing, this cutting-edge muscle car challenges conventional notions of electric vehicles. Emphasizing performance, attitude, and unmistakable Dodge DNA, the Charger Daytona introduces three game-changing, patent-pending features that Dodge believes will revolutionize the BEV segment.

The Charger Daytona will offer two distinct electrical architectures: a 400-volt and an 800-volt system. The 800-volt system will be exclusive to the high-performance SRT model, while the 400-volt system will be standard across the rest of the lineup. However, don’t be misled into thinking the 400-volt system lacks performance capabilities.

Dodge plans to introduce two Charger Daytona 400-volt models. The entry-level version, named the Dodge Charger Daytona 340, derives its name from the power it generates—340 kilowatts (kW), equivalent to 456 horsepower. Notably, all Charger Daytonas will feature all-wheel drive (AWD), promising impressive acceleration for the base model.

The Charger Daytona 440 will be the next option for those seeking even more power. Built on the 400-volt architecture, this variant will produce 440 kW (590 horsepower). Both trims can be further upgraded to eStage 1 at 370 kW (495 horsepower) and 470 kW (630 horsepower) and eStage 2 at 400 kW (535 horsepower) and 500 kW (670 horsepower), thanks to Mopar’s Direct Connection catalog.

As for the 800-volt system, known as the Banshee system, it will serve as a direct replacement for fans of the HELLCAT-based models. The 800-volt powertrain ensures the electric beast surpasses even the mighty HELLCAT in all key performance measures. Alongside its standard AWD system, the Charger Daytona excels in raw power and all-weather performance.

The Charger Daytona features the innovative eRupt multi-speed transmission with electro-mechanical shifting, delivering a true Dodge-style driving experience. The PowerShot push-to-pass feature adds to the thrill, providing a burst of adrenaline-fueled acceleration at the push of a button on the steering wheel, similar to the new Dodge Hornet C-segment UV.

In an audacious move, Dodge has managed to incorporate an exhaust system into an electric vehicle, resulting in a resounding 126 dB roar that rivals the iconic SRT HELLCAT. The patent-pending Fratzonic Chambered Exhaust system amplifies and tunes the electrifying performance sound, creating a visceral “Dark Matter” sound. While some enthusiasts initially expressed skepticism, recent tuning has enhanced the sound, though it will never fully replace the distinctive sound of a HEMI® V8.

The design of the Charger Daytona artfully blends futuristic elements with subtle nods to the brand’s storied muscle car heritage. The front grille features cross-car illuminated lighting and a white illuminated Fratzog badge, paying homage to classic Dodge muscle cars while embracing the electrified future. Carbon-fiber intakes on the front and rear lower fascias improve aerodynamics and contribute to its aggressive appearance. Despite some criticisms about the hatchback design with a lift-up rear glass section, this design choice enhances functionality and adds versatility to the Charger Daytona compared to the current model.

For those unimpressed with the Charger Daytona, Dodge fans will be able to stay with a conventional internal combustion engine (ICE). But don’t expect a HEMI® engine under the hood. Instead, the lineup of Hurricane6 twin-turbo inline-six engines will be available.

As the all-electric 2024 Dodge Charger Daytona prepares to hit the roads in mid-2024, it promises to carry on its legendary namesake’s legacy while embracing tomorrow’s electrifying muscle. With innovations that challenge conventions and performance that leave competitors in awe, the Charger Daytona is set to reignite the American muscle car spirit in electrifying fashion.