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Aug 26, 2023

Best 100W USB

These are the best 100W USB-C car chargers you can buy right now to charge a laptop, iPhone, Android device, or anything else. Though we have seen a ton of amazing innovations in the car space, but

These are the best 100W USB-C car chargers you can buy right now to charge a laptop, iPhone, Android device, or anything else.

Though we have seen a ton of amazing innovations in the car space, but one can’t wrap their head around the fact how underrated a car charger is. From not existing at all to becoming a staple inside every single car, these things keep our mobile lifestyles powered up, and we don’t even get time to appreciate them.

If you’re new to the game and have a requirement to charge something as big as a laptop over USB-C in your car, you’ll be surprised to learn how many options there are. It’s easy to get lost in the available options, but we are here to make things easy for you.

See, if you need to charge a laptop, a phone, a tablet, or maybe even one of the new drones from DJI, you need a lot of power output. You need extra head-room, just in case, too. Our list includes a handful of great USB-C car chargers that support 100W or more output, and they are perfect for fast charging on the go, and in all cases, they can charge multiple devices, too. Sounds awesome? Because it is. Let’s jump into the list.

Baseus 160W USB-C Car Charger

Baseus is one of those companies that will go out to create a charging accessory and ask themselves, ‘how overkill can we make this?’ Turns out they have no limit at all, and this charger proves it.

This car charger supports up to 160W of power output from 3 ports in total. There are 2 USB-C ports, 1 USB-A, and the power distribution among them goes like this - USB-C1 outputs 100W of peak power, USB-C2 maxes out at 30W, and USB-A can do 30W of output.

This is enough power to charge a big laptop on the go. Something like a 16-inch MacBook Pro is no problem for this car charger at all. Whether it’s a laptop, phone, tablet, or whatever you may have, this charger will handle it like a walk in the park.

When it comes to charging standards, this charger supports Quick Charge 5.0, PPS, and USB PD 3.0. That pretty much covers all the common and known standards out there, and this charger should be able to handle any device and charge it at full speed.

Despite that massive 160W output, this charger is still small-ish. It won’t take up too much space, nor will it stick out like a sore thumb. If you want to charge fast and without compromises on the go, you just have to spend $39.99 to get in on the action.

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JOWUA 100W Car Charger

Although it is advertised for Tesla electric vehicles, it will work just fine with any car you may have, including a gas guzzler.

The great thing about this charger is its simplicity. It does not go above and beyond with extra ports or anything. It features 1 USB-C port and 1 USB-A port. That USB-C port is capable of pushing out up to 100W of power whenever needed, while that USB-A port supports up to 18W of output with support for Quick Charge.

Keep one thing in mind - this charger only supports the USB PD protocol, therefore it will only offer top speeds with compatible devices. Samsung devices support fast charging using the PPS protocol, but this charger will not offer top speeds but still be plenty fast.

If you use both ports together, then power will be split up, obviously. The USB-C port will be able to push out 45W of power, while the USB-A port will hit up to 18W. Whether it's a power-hungry laptop that can charge using USB-C, an iPhone, iPad, or anything that takes in a USB-C connection, this charger can handle it super casually.

Charging is one story, the fact that this charger will keep your devices well protected as well is something you should look forward to as well, thanks to its 'multi-professional safety system.'

For a price of $44.95, it's definitely not cheap. But if you're looking for something minimal, fast, and robust, you'll find it all here. And the fact that it is advertised towards Tesla users is an icing on the cake, for no reason at all.

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UGREEN 130W USB C Car Charger

If there's another brand that does overkill charging products, it's definitely UGREEN. When we got wind of this car charger, we knew it had to be on this list.

This product is all about charging fast while on the move. There are 2 USB-C ports on this thing, and one of those ports can churn out 100W of power while the other one maxes out at 30W. Just to give you an idea of how fast this thing is, you can charge a MacBook Pro at full 100W speed while something like an iPad will make its way to 100% at 30W speed. That's very, very fast.

UGREEN was generous enough to throw in a USB-A port in the middle for devices that need it. You can expect speeds of up to 22.5W from that single USB-A port using the SCP protocol.

Speaking of protocols, this charger is packed with them. There's USB PD 3.0, 2.0, Quick Charge 4.0 and 3.0, AFC, SCP and PPS. Since these protocols kick in smartly, therefore you can plug in anything you want to charge up, and it will get the fastest possible speeds where applicable.

To make the purchase even sweeter, UGREEN is also throwing in a USB-C to USB-C cable with an E-marker chip for fast charging and compatibility among devices.

For a price of $39.99, this charger is totally worth it. If you're looking for a high-quality product with top-notch safety features, you'll find it all here.

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Baseus 100W USB-C Car Charger

Another Baseus car charger, but this one has an interesting trick up its sleeve which no other in the list has - a built-in display.

Packing every single charging protocol you can think of, this car charger will charge anything you may have, which is a given. That USB-C port is good for charging anything at speeds of up to 100W while the USB-A will max out at 30W when a supported device is connected. If you're using both ports at the same time, you can expect a split between 60W and 30W over USB-C and USB-A, respectively.

The star of the show is that tiny display between the USB-C and USB-A ports. That display will show you the voltage so you can see in real-time how much charge is being delivered to the connected device. Although this information will be instantly dismissed by a lot of users, but the nerds among you will appreciate it a lot. After all, you get to see how fast your laptop is charging and how the wattage drops once it hits the 80% mark and goes towards 100%. Amazing, to say the least.

You can charge a multitude of devices using this car charger, including the biggest MacBook Pro or PC that supports USB-C charging. And you get to see the speed at which it is being charged as well - you just can't say no to that.

For a price of $39.99, this is a great car charger, and it's fast, too.

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OTAO 165W USB-C Car Charger

We're going to wrap things up with the fastest car charger in the list. This one's 165W, just 5W more than the second fastest here, but if your'e looking for speed, it's all here.

This charger from OTAO features 2 USB-C ports and just 1 USB-A port. If you're charging just one device at a time, you can get speeds of up to 140W using one USB-C port, 35W from the second one, while the USB-A port maxes out at 30W of power. Once you start plugging in multiple devices, then power is shared among ports. But 140W in a single USB-C port? You can recharge a 16-inch MacBook Pro at full speed with this thing!

Obviously, you want to hear more about the power split among those USB-C ports, so we'll give it to you. If you've connected 2 power-hungry devices to the USB-C ports, then the first USB-C port will output up to 100W while the second one will give you 35W of power.

Having a charger like this in your car is awesome, but definitely overkill. It's a great addition to a vehicle if you are running a mobile office and power is a key requirement. You'll be extremely glad to know that your laptop and tablet will instantly receive a power top-up when needed, no matter where you're parked or driving.

When it comes to charging protocols, you'll find pretty much every necessary standard here, including USB PD 3.1, 3.0, and Quick Charge. You'll even appreciate the fact that this car charger even ships with a USB-C to USB-C cable, giving you a spare for use in the car.

You get these high speeds for a price of just $49.99, and that's an investment you just have to make once.

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