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Dec 19, 2023

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Snag a PPS charger with Super Fast Charging 2.0 for just $21 this weekend For just $21, the Anker Ace Super Fast 313 45W USB-C charger is now as cheap as it is fast. Super Fast Charging 2.0 can get

Snag a PPS charger with Super Fast Charging 2.0 for just $21 this weekend

For just $21, the Anker Ace Super Fast 313 45W USB-C charger is now as cheap as it is fast. Super Fast Charging 2.0 can get compatible Samsung devices back to full charge in just 60 minutes, provided you have the right charging cable to take advantage of it. Even without that, this PPS charger will still give you faster charging speeds in comparison to other proprietary options.

If you've been on the hunt for a good phone charger that can take advantage of Quick Charge 2.0 in your Samsung smartphone, then you're probably already aware of how costly this endeavor can be. Fast chargers aren't always the cheapest, and while Samsung's proprietary 45W charger might be an option, at a whopping $50 for just the adapter itself, it isn't the most economic choice. Thankfully, there's an excellent deal on an Anker fast charger at Amazon this weekend that can have all of your USB-C devices basking in those sweet, super-fast charging speeds for a lot less.

If you happen to have any Samsung device that features Quick Charge 2.0 capabilities, such as the latest Galaxy S23+ or the premium Galaxy S23 Ultra, then you need to have a special adapter and charging cable to take advantage of it. Neither of these are particularly cheap — especially if you go the proprietary route. Combined, the Samsung 45W Super Fast Charger adapter and cable can run you upwards of $75. That's a hefty price tag for Samsung users looking to upgrade their charging speeds.

Not only is the Anker Ace 313 at a much better price point for Samsung enthusiasts, it features PPS fast charging technology to deliver better charging speeds for all compatible devices. Tablets, laptops, and any other tech that includes a USB-C connection will experience faster recharging times, making it a great upgrade in general for those in need of a better charger. However, since the Anker Ace 313 supports Samsung's Quick Charge 2.0 capabilities, this adapter can get most Galaxy devices back to 100% in as little as 60 minutes as long as you have a proper 5A charging cable connected to it. With Anker's adapter only costing you a mere $21, springing for one of the many cheaper third-party USB-C cable options that support this technology is a much easier pill to swallow.

GaN technology also provides safer power transfer and efficiency for all devices connected, delivering faster charging capabilities in a smaller form factor while reducing heat produced by the adapter during use. Just as well, safety features such as short-circuit protection and temperature monitoring are built in, ensuring any device charges safely without the risk of overload. All of which is a must when it comes to fast charging devices, as the last thing anyone wants is to fry their smartphone or smartwatch because the adapter couldn't regulate power output properly.

The low cost of the Anker Ace 313 charger alone makes it one of the best Samsung Galaxy S23 chargers you can grab right now, but it'll revamp how your recharge your devices even if you aren't able to take advantage Quick Charge 2.0. Plus, with how cheap this wall charger is this weekend, there's little reason not to upgrade to something better.

Troy Fleming is a Deals Writer for Android Police who has worked in the eCommerce industry for over 10 years. In those years, he has gained extensive knowledge in how retailers think when it comes to sales and pricing, and has since redirected his focus towards writing to use his expertise to help others find great deals on everything from gaming gear to phones and all other forms of hardware.When he's not scouring the net for savings, Troy loves spending time with his wife and son, working on leather crafting, traveling and hiking around Colorado, practicing his archery skills, listening to his favorite music, or casually getting stomped in For Honor.